• About Vitamin Buddy

    We’re on a mission to get you the vitamins that are right for you.


    After all, you are all different. You don’t all eat the same, live the same or look the same. It makes sense that you need a mix of vitamins that’s as unique as you are.


    We work with leading health and nutrition experts to work out exactly what vitamins your body needs to be on top form. Then, we’ll send high quality vitamins direct to your door every month in handy, daily packs. It’s as easy as that.


  • How does it work?

    Our subscription service is tailor-made and as easy as pie.

    1. Take the Vitamin Buddy quiz, letting us know all about your lifestyle and health goals. It’s super quick and simple!

    2. Our crack team of health and wellbeing experts will email you with a personalised vitamin plan. You can opt in or opt out. It’s up to you.

    3. Receive your subscription. Every 28 days, you’ll receive 28 handy, daily vitamin packs through the post. All our products are free from nasties: no gluten, no artificial fillers, no additives, vegan friendly and approved by The Vegetarian Society. Just good health, made simple.

    4. Our specialists will stay on hand with extra tips and tricks whenever you need.

  • Ready to go?

    Take the quiz today for your personalised plan!

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