Our Supplements

How much does a Vitamin Buddy subscription cost?

Depending on your plan, between £20 and £35.

Are your vitamins certified according to EU standards?

Yes, all to NRV regulations

Are your supplements made to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards?

All Vitamin Buddy products have been manufactured in facilities that adhere to GMP standards.

Where are your supplements manufactured?

All of our supplements are manufactured in the UK.

What’s so good about your supplements?

All of our supplements are gluten-free, and made in capsule form. We avoid using tablets as these require artificial agents to bind the supplement, which compromise the quality and absorption of the vitamins. All of our products, except for collagen, are also vegan-friendly and have been approved by The Vegetarian Society.


Do I need to be home for the delivery?

No, our Vitamin Buddy boxes are designed to fit through the letter box to make your life as easy possible!

Do I have to pay for postage?


How long will my box take to arrive?

All our subscriptions start on a Monday, so your Vitamin Buddy will arrive approximately 2-3 business days after subscribing, and always before the Monday start.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship to the UK and Ireland, and will start shopping internationally in 2019.

Do you charge for postage and packaging?

All of our plans include free P&P.


Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

No, you can refer as many as you like!

So, how does your referrals program work?

ou can invite a friend to become a customer of Vitamin Buddy via the member dashboard. If they decide to become a member then you’ll receive £10 credit against your subscription for every signed up customer! Your friend will also receive £10 off their first plan.

Your Plan

How do I change my billing details and delivery address?

Log in via the member dashboard to change your address details.

How should I take each daily pack?

Our daily sachets are designed to be taken at a time that suits your lifestyle, but we recommend taking after or during meals to aid absorption.

Can I use Vitamin Buddy if I’m taking prescribed medication?

If you are taking prescription medicine or have any existing medical conditions, we recommend you consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any vitamins and supplements.

Is there a minimum subscription term?

Just the 1 month, although we offer discounts on longer subscriptions

How do you know what vitamins I need?

With a team of nutritionists, dieticians and pharmacists we have create the Vitamin Buddy Questionnaire which takes key data points about your lifestyle, diet, health issues and health goals to provide with an optimised plan.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause your subscription via the member dashboard

How do I cancel my subscription?

Either drop us an email at [email protected], or via the member dashboard

What if I want to change my plan?

To change your plan just log in to your member dashboard.

What if my lifestyle or health goals change?

If your circumstances or goals change, then log in to your member dashboard and you can retake the quiz which will produce a new set of results for you. You can then decide to change your subscription to the new plan.

How do I know what’s in my Vitamin Buddy pack?

In every Vitamin Buddy pack you receive, there will be a product information sheet indicating ingredients and a product description.

What comes in a Vitamin Buddy pack?

Each 28 day Vitamin Buddy contains 28 separate packs for each day, with each one containing between 2 and 5 vitamins (this number depends on your specific plan)