Vitamins that can improve your everyday health

By Amy Armstrong

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In the quest to lead a healthy lifestyle, you may be considering adding vitamins into your daily routine. Diets don’t always go to plan, so it’s important that we give our bodies the vitamins and minerals that they need. When we nourish our body with what it needs, we not only experience physical benefits, but also mental benefits that are crucial to living a fulfilled and happy life.

That being said, we understand that it can be difficult to know what exactly your body may need in terms of vitamins. There are so many to choose from and it can become overwhelming. Your doctor will be able to answer your exact questions about any potential deficiencies, but there are some vitamins that can be beneficial to everyone. With that in mind, we’re discussing 3 vitamins that can improve your everyday health…

Vitamin C

Probably one of the most widely talked about vitamins, vitamin C can boost the immune system, helping you to fight off illness. A simple vitamin C supplement added to your routine can also contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological functions. It can also contribute to normal collagen function for your teeth, skin, gums and cartridge, as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C can be naturally found in citrus fruits, chillies, tomatoes and leafy greens.

Vitamin D

Naturally absorbed through sunlight, vitamin D and is found in only few foods including: fish liver oils, salmon, tuna, milk and dairy products. If you don’t get the right amount of vitamin D, it can lead to depression and tiredness to aches in the bones. By adding a vitamin D supplement to your daily routine, you can contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function, normal blood calcium levels and healthy function of the immune system.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a member of the Vitamin B family and also known as cobalamin. It is particularly important for vegans to supplement with B12 as it is mainly found in meat and dairy, and the body cannot produce the vitamin by itself. Contributing to a normal psychological function and the normal function of the nervous system, vitamin B12 also helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Try switching out your morning coffee for a vitamin B12!

Vitamin B12 can be naturally found in liver, beef, pork, eggs, milk, cheese and fish.

As well as these 3 vitamins, there are many other supplements that can support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Here at Vitamin Buddy, we want to make health easy and help you get the vitamins you need. Take our free quiz to find out the optimal supplement plan for you, or get in touch to speak to our dedicated team!


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Amy Armstrong

Amy is an experienced copywriter specialising in health and nutrition.