Tips and Tricks to Keep Fit in Autumn and Winter

By Armin GhojehvandFounder of Vitamin Buddy and Nutritional Therapist

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As it starts getting colder and darker, it becomes tempting to slack off the exercise in exchange for watching Netflix under a blanket on the sofa. But we must resist!


And it is possible to do both – keep fit, and save time for those marathon Game of Thrones sessions (or whatever it is you’re into). You don’t necessarily have to spend hours at the gym to stay fit, and can incorporate fitness hacks into your daily routine to avoid the winter belly. Here are some ways to stay fit over the winter season.

1. Stairs Workout


Make use of what you have in your house or workplace and climb those stairs! Walking up and down some steps can be a great cardio and leg workout. To add variety, walk the hallways between floors before doing the stairs again. Take them two at a time, do jumping jacks in between flights, or sprinting to increase the intensity. Once you get into the habit of using the stairs every time, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it adds up to your weekly cardio count.

2. The 5 Minute Morning Routine


Before you’ve had your cup of tea, or even brushed your teeth, do a 5 minute mini workout in your room. It can be anything – 3 sets of 20 pushups, a quick circuit (try 10 x burpees, 10 x star jumps, 10 x press ups, 20 x mountain climbers, and repeat 3 times). The first time you do it, it’ll be a pain. As will the second, third and fourth time. After a week though, it becomes second nature, and every day you’ll begin with your metabolism already fired up.

3. Indoor Sports


Try a new sport or indoor workout class like yoga and aerobics. Dance classes can also make you break into a sweat. If you’re more of a team sports player, floor hockey, or basketball might be your thing. Some workouts that are trending, such as indoor cycling or rowing, also make for a fun and highly motivational sweat session. Again, building it into your weekly routine will make it a lot easier to stick to whichever sport you pick up. Plus it’s a great opportunity to meet other people and expand your social circle.

4. Home Workout


Google the type of exercise you want on Youtube and you have millions of exercise videos that will guide you through the steps. Why not give yourself a challenge? Do burpees or squats during commercial breaks or while your video is buffering. Some great videos to try are Christine Salus (circuits), Millionaire Hoy (circuits) and Sean Vigue (yoga). These videos range from anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes, so pick the one that suits your schedule.



5. Reorganise your home


Recently, I put together a four door flat-pack wardrobe. It’s probably one of the best workouts I’ve done recently. Reorganising your home (doesn’t have to be a Spring clean) not only refreshes your house, but provides a great opportunity to burn some calories. Moving around and lifting those couches and desks, lets you have the movement you need equivalent to a productive gym session. Break a sweat while breathing new life into your home! Who wouldn’t want to burn some calories while having an organised house as an added bonus? Definitely, multitasking at its best.

Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated in any of the activities above! The cold weather tricks us to think we aren’t dehydrated, so definitely keep your liquid intake up as you get in a grueling yet satisfying work out.

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Armin Ghojehvand

Founder of Vitamin Buddy and Nutritional Therapist

Armin is a qualified nutritionist, fitness enthusiast and Founder and CEO of Vitamin Buddy.