7 Foolproof Ways To Have A Skinnier Sandwich

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How to pick a leaner, healthier sarnie when eating out.


The British sandwich industry is worth an incredible £8bn a year. And taking a large beady slice of that business are high street kings: PretCosta and Cafe Nero. Now while some skinnier sandwiches on offer are nutritious, others can be nudging well into Big Mac territory when it comes to calories.

It’s time to have a rethink and revamp what you’re filling that baguette with.

Let our experts, nutritionist Ruth Tongue, and Jasper MacDermot, a strength and conditioning expert at London’s Roar Fitness, find the best sarnie choice for you.


#1 Keep It Lean

Leaner meats provide more protein, while going heavy on the salad will do that little bit to keep you full until dinner. Ditching sugar and additive heavy dressings will boost your mood, and stop energy levels from dipping come 3pm, while also keeping extra weight from your waistline.

Go for Pret’s Chicken & Cucumber Sandwich on granary bread.


#2 Look Out For Omega 3s


If Costa is your nearest cafe, opt for the Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich. It’s loaded with protein, and healthy fats – including brain-friendly omega 3s – to help power mental performance throughout the afternoon. You won’t need that 3pm chocolate bar if you choose wisely.


#3 More Is More


Cafe Nero’s Sausage, Egg and Bacon Ciabatta Roll might rack up the calories, but provided you tackle it midday, you’ll likely put the extra energy to good use. And it’s loaded with protein – which is no bad thing. If you’ve had a really heavy day, ask for extra bacon.


#4 Extra Salad Please


Nutritionist Ruth recommends: “keeping it simple. Egg and tomato on wholemeal will generally be fewer calories than anything with processed meat, sauces or fancy extras. And if you’re in a make-to-order sandwich shop ask them to pack in some extra salad.”


#5 Dress It Lightly


Jasper: “stick to lean meats such as chicken and turkey to ensure you’re getting a good serving of protein. Load up on salad items to help keep you full and make your sandwich as nutrient dense as possible. Oh, and be weary of calorie-heavy dressings and go for a light mayo or fat free vinaigrette.”

Plus, mustard is a simple and smart way to add some spice – keep it in your bag or ask the deli to spread it on instead (or as well as) butter!


#6 Remember The Soup


Most places that make sandwiches will also have a soup of the day. If it sounds good, full of veg and ideally not full of cream, get a pot and a roll and voila! Lunch is served.


#7 Mix It Up


If you can’t face the prospect of something as plain as an egg and tomato sarnie, don’t! Make the most of the little-used toppings that many sandwich shops  have on offer: add interest, flavour and next-to-no calories with olives, onions, gherkins and pickles!

More Healthy Hacks

Ever wondered what the best post workout snack is? Or what you should be wolfing down after a sleepless night? Get more of Ruth and Jasper’s expert tips by downloading your FREE guideto super-charging your weight-loss.

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The Nutrifix Team

Locate healthy meals nearby

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